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Informations générales
Nom & Prénom : Saâdaoui Foued
Email : foued.saadaoui@gmail.com
Adresse :


Department of Statistics, Faculty of Sciences
King Abdulaziz University (KAU)
Jeddah-21589, PO Box: 80200, KSA
Tel: +966 53 656 3277
Email 2: foued.saadaoui@isgs.rnu.tn
Laboratoire d'affiliation: LR18ES15, Algèbre, Théorie de nombres et anlayse non linéaire, Faculté des Sciences de Monastir.
Bibliographie :

Foued Saâdaoui works at the Department of Statistics of the Faculty of Sciences at King Abdulaziz University (KAU, Jeddah, KSA), and at HEC institute of University of Sousse. Previously he was also assistant and associate professor at the College of Sciences and Theoretical Studies of the Saudi Electronic University (SEU, Riyadh, KSA). Foued does research in Statistics, Probability, AI, Computational and Applied Mathematics, with applications in Finance, Medicine and Transportation.

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Pure and Applied Statistics

Scolarité & Diplômes
Qualification aux Fonctions Professeur des Universités , Section 26
Qualification aux fonctions de Professeur des Universités (PU) en Mathématiques Appliquées et Application des Mathématiques (Section 26) par le Ministère Français de l'Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation.


Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches en Méthodes Quantitatives
Thesis: Selected Topics on Wavelet Analysis and Statistical Applications
Defended on 13 july 2016.
External Advisors: Prof. Mohamed Naceur Azaiez (Tunis University) & Prof. Yacin Jerbi (Monastir University).
Examining committee: Prof. Lotfi Belkacem (Sousse University), Prof. Khalifa Mabrouk (Sousse University) & Prof. Chokri Ouerfelli (Sousse University).


Doctorat en Méthodes Quantitatives

Thesis: Technical Iterative Strategies for Extreme Risk Modelling in Finance
Defended in April 2012.
Supervised by Prof. Samir Ben Ammou (Monastir University).
External Advisors: Prof. Pierre.R. Bertrand (Blaise Pascal University) & Prof. Imen Bhouri (Monastir University).
Examining committee: Prof. Fathi Ben Nasr (Monastir University) & Prof. Meher Khemakhem (Sfax University).

Master Recherche en Statistique

Thesis: Some methods to accelerate convergence in statistics and application

Defended in July 2006.

Supervised by Prof. Samir Ben Ammou.
Advisors: Prof. Khaled Omrani & Prof. Saloua Ben Ammou.




2015-present: Teaching and/or coordinating the following courses:
- Statistics (STAT 110, STAT 201, STAT 505)
- Discrete Mathematics
- Academic Writing and Research Skills
- Operations Management 
- Decision Theory within the Global Marketplace
Levels: MBA and Bachelor Degree.
2012-2015: Teaching subjects:
- Algebra
- Probability
- Modeling & Simulating
- Mathematical Programming
- Mathematics for Numerical Signals
- Stochastic Calculus
- Shipping Managing & Forecasting.
- Optimization Techniques
- Introduction to Insurance
- Simulation and Monte Carlo Methods
- Advanced Statistics
- Graph Theory
Levels: Licence, Preparatory Classes, Ingineer's Degree and Research and Professional Masters.
2010-2012: Teaching subjects:
- Graphs & Operational Research
- Econometrics
- Prediction Models for Logistics
- Statistics
Levels: Licence and Masters.
2006-2010: Teaching subjects:
- Forecasting Techniques
- Data Analysis
- Linear Algebra
- Probability and Statistics
- Statistics using Splus and R
Levels: Senior Technicians, Licence and Masters.

Articles dans des revues internationales avec comité de lecture 


Multiscaled Neural Autoregressive Distributed Lag: A New Empirical Mode Decomposition Model for Nonlinear Time Series Forecasting, International Journal of Neural Systems (2020), Foued Saâdaoui and Othman Ben Messaoud.
Multi-scaled NLM filter for medical images de-noising: Empirical mode decomposition vs. wavelet transform, International Journal of Computer and Information Engineering (2020), Hana Rabbouch, Foued Saâdaoui.
Hybrid Feedforward ANN with NLS-Based Regression Curve Fitting for US Air Traffic Forecasting, Neural Computing and Applications (2019). Foued Saâdaoui, Hayet Saadaoui, Hana Rabbouch.
Quadratic Extrapolation for Accelerating Convergence of the EM Fixed Point Problem, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (2019), Foued Saâdaoui.
Efficient Implementation of the Genetic Algorithm to Solve Rich Vehicle Routing Problems, Operational Journal: An International Journal (2019). Bochra Rabbouch, Foued Saâdaoui, Rafaa Mraihi.
Constraint Programming Based Algorithm for Solving Large-Scale Vehicle Routing Problems, Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems (2019), Bochra Rabbouch, Foued Saâdaoui, Rafaa Mraihi.
Empirical-type simulated annealing for solving the capacitated vehicle routing problem, Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence (2019), Bochra Rabbouch, Foued Saâdaoui, Rafaa Mraihi.
A wavelet-based hybrid neural network for short-term electricity prices forecasting, Artificial Intelligence Review (2019), Foued Saâdaoui, Hana Rabbouch.
Traffic Sensing and Assessing in Digital Transportation Systems Book Chapter: Linking and Mining Heterogeneous and Multi-view Data, Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning (2019), Hana Rabbouch, Foued Saâdaoui, Rafaa Mraihi.
A wavelet-assisted subband denoising for tomographic image reconstruction, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (2018), Hana Rabbouch, Foued Saadaoui.
A vision-based statistical methodology for automatically modeling continuous urban traffic flows, Advanced Engineering Informatics (2018). Hana Rabbouch, Foued Saâdaoui, Rafaa Mraihi.
Périodes de tachycardie et niveau d'astreinte cardiaque des médecin urgentistes lors des différents types de garde, Archives des Maladies Professionnelles et de l'Environment (2018), Frederic Dutheil, Gil Boudet, Fouad Marhar, Christophe Perrier, Geraldine Naughton, Alain Chamoux, Pascal Huguet, Martial Mermillod, Foued Saâdaoui, Farès Moustafa, and Jeannot Schmidt.
Left ventricular MRI wall motion assessment by monogenic signal amplitude image computation, Magnetic Reasonance Imaging (2018), Narjes Benameur, Enrico Gianluca Caiani, Martino Alessandrini, Younes Arous,
Nejmeddine BenAbdallah, Foued Saâdaoui, Tarek Kraiem.
Testing for Multifracatlity of Islamic Stock Markets, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (2018). Foued Saâdaoui.
Predictability and co-movement relationships between conventional and Islamic stock market indexes: A multiscale exploration using wavelets, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (2017). Foued Saâdaoui, Nader Naifar, Mohamed S. Aldohaiman.
Unsupervised video summarization using cluster analysis for automatic vehicles counting and recognizing, Neurocomputing (2017). Hana Rabbouch, Foued Saâdaoui, Rafaa Mraihi.
Stochastic modelling of the price‐volume relationship in electricity markets: Evidence from the Nordic energy exchange, International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems (2017). Foued Saâdaoui, Mouna Mrad.
Maximal tachycardia and high cardiac strain during night shifts of emergency physicians, International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health (2017). Fred Dutheil, Marhar Fouad, Gil Boudet, Christophe Perrier, Geraldine Naughton, Alain Chamoux, Pascal Huguet, Martial Mermillod, Foued Saâdaoui, Fares Moustafa, Jeannot Schmidt.
A seasonal feedforward neural network to forecast electricity prices,  Neural Computing and Applications (2017). Foued Saâdaoui.
A dimensionally reduced clustering methodology for heterogeneous occupational medicine data modelling, IEEE transactions on nanobioscience (2015). Foued Saâdaoui, Pierre R. Bertrand, Gil Boudet, Karine Rouffiac, Fred Dutheil, Alain Chamoux.
A wavelet-based multiscale vector-ANN model to predict comovement of econophysical systems, Expert Systems with Applications (2014). Foued Saâdaoui, Hana Rabbouch.
The price and trading volume dynamics relationship in the EEX power market: A wavelet modeling, Computational Economics (2013). Foued Saâdaoui.
Modelling power spot prices in deregulated European energy markets: A dual long memory approach, Global Business and Economics Review (2012). Foued Saâdaoui, Najeh Chaâbane, Saloua Benammou.
A probabilistic clustering method for US interest rate analysis, Quantitative Finance (2012). Foued Saâdaoui.
Acceleration of the EM algorithm via extrapolation methods: Review, comparison and new methods, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (2010). Foued Saâdaoui.
Nesrine Bouneb. PhD thesis in Economics at Université Bretagne Sud. Co-supervision with Professor Vanessa Seret
Othman Ben Messaoud. PhD thesis in Quantitative Methods at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax. Co-supervision with Professor Yacin Jerbi
Sabrine Salah. PhD thesis in Artificial Intelligence at the National School of Engineers of Sousse. 
Hana Rabbouch and Bochra Rabbouch. PhD thesis in Computer Sciences at the Higher Institute of Business of Tunis. Co-supervision with Professor Rafaa Mraihi
Mongia Khalfi. PhD thesis in Finance at the Higher Institute of Management of Sousse. 
Mohamed Abdelhak Kara. Master thesis in Mathematics at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Senegal). 
Sarra Ben Alaya. Master thesis in Statistical Machine Learning at the Higher Institute of Business of Tunis.
Abdullah Alamri, Fhaid Almotairy and Faisal Bakhashwain. Master of Business Administration at the College of Administration and Finance of the Saudi Electronic University.
Houaida Aoun, Hana Bouida, Amjed Gouidar and Chayma Laribi. Master thesis in Economics and Applied econometrics at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sousse.
Expérience professionnelle
2018-Now: Professor in Statistics at the Department of Statistics & Data Science (SDS), Faculty of Sciences, King Abdulaziz University (KAU), Jeddah, KSA.
2015-2018: Associate Professor in Statistics at the College of Sciences and Theoretical Studies of the Saudi Electronic University (SEU) in collaboration with Colorado State and Franklin Universities (USA).
2012-2015: Assistant Professor in Quantitative Methods at the Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ISSAT) of Sousse.
2011-2012: Assistant Professor in Quantitative Methods at the Faculty of Economics and Management (FSEG) of Sousse.
2009-2011: Assistant in Quantitative Methods at the Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics (ISTL) of Sousse.
2007-2009: Assistant in Quantitative Methods at the Higher Institute of Management (ISG) of Sousse.
Membre association
Membre de l'Association Saoudienne de Statistique
Membre de l'association Tunisienne de mathématiques T3SM: Tunisian Think Tank for Strategic Mathematics

Reviewer for a number of reputable international journals: https://publons.com/researcher/1631862/foued-saadaoui/peer-review/